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Established in 2015 by the family of 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Champion Alan Kulwicki, the Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP) is the premier short track driver development program for pro and super late model drivers in North America. The role of the KDDP is to help worthy drivers achieve their dreams, while at the same time keeping alive the legacy of Alan Kulwicki. The program will provide assistance to up-and-coming racers in several ways. A one-time stipend will provide financial support in covering operational expenses, transportation costs, entry fees, development of promotional and marketing materials, and assistance with necessary equipment. Staff and friends of the KDDP will assist participants in areas such as sponsorship development; publicity, marketing, and social media; business education; and industry networking and relationship building.

Seven drivers will be selected to participate in the season-long race for the 2016 Kulwicki Cup. Each driver will receive a $7,777 stipend at the beginning of the season, and will compete against one another for the $54,439 grand prize and a coveted, one-of-a-kind trophy. Drivers are required to compete in a MINIMUM of fifteen races over the course of the season. Program participants will be judged on race results, off-track civic participation, program promotion, fan interaction, and stewardship for Alan’s story

The Kulwicki Driver Development Program is aimed at the “grass roots” racer. The program hopes to identify and assist and driver in the early stages of his or her career. While Alan certainly did it “his way,” going from track champion at Slinger (WI) Speedway, to winning American Speed Association (ASA) races across the Midwest, to an owner-driver on the Winston Cup circuit in just a few short years, we understand that there are multiple paths to move up the racing ladder. The program is open to any pro or super late model driver that races weekly at a single track, participates in a regional touring series, or follows the “outlaw” path, picking and choosing races against the best competition. We are interested in finding candidates who possess the same drive, determination, and dedication that made Alan a champion. Drivers with incredible character, respect for their fellow competitors, a dedication to community engagement and “giving back,” and an overall interest in the health of short track racing will be seriously considered by the KDDP Board of Directors.

If Alan were with us today, he would have his eyes on the short tracks of North America, looking for the next young racer with the drive to succeed. The Kulwicki Driver Development Program hopes to carry Alan’s story and legacy to a new generation and to help short track racing grow. Through strategic partnerships and relationships, the KDDP hopes to become a crucial link in helping seven young men and women achieve their racing dreams.

Applicants should have experience in pro or super late model racing and be planning on participating during the 2016 racing season. There is no age limit, but preference will be given to candidates between the ages of 16 and 25.

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